Our Learning Journeys are a cornerstone for staff qualification in the fields of LEAN and Kaizen. Our focus is on how LEAN production and Kaizen are applied, as well as the type of leadership required for this process. Nothing inspires more than experiencing powerful real-life examples.

The visit programme enables authentic insights into practice at showcase companies. An important effect is the ideas and inspiration from these visits - things that have a lasting effect beyond the duration of the seminar.

The aim is:

  • To give new impetus to the improvement process in your company.
  • To provide your managers with an understanding of their own role as LEAN leaders and drivers of improvement and how to pursue improvement strategically.
  • To give them a profound understanding of the LEAN concept and methodology as well as Kaizen.
  • To enable them to convince and engage colleagues and employees - with impressive examples and experiences made in Japan.
  • To bring a 'breath of fresh air' for the topic of improvement.

Our Learning Journeys follow the basic idea: Ultimately, the only thing that counts is what is later implemented in your own company. The improvement effect comes from the structured reflection and analysis of company visits and, above all, the transfer to the personal area of impact and responsibility of each individual participant.

Our Learning Journey approach is to create mutual benefits for both the participants and the visited companies. We see ourselves as catalysts and promoters of exchange on the topic of improvement. The showcase companies also benefit from this exchange: Beyond the image gain as a benchmark company in our seminar programme, the recognition of their performance by the participants has a motivational effect on the employees. This is the feedback that Japanese companies we visit as part of our Learning Journeys in Japan have given us time and again.