Change happens when employees actively participate.

Lean reform, like continuous improvement activities, involves change. This represents a special challenge for every company. For the lean journey, it is crucial to get the employees on board and to win them over for the transformation process; leadership is the decisive success factor here. In this respect, Japan has some unconventional approaches up its sleeve. Learn first-hand from top managers and the practical experience of their reforms ... more about our webinars

The decades of improvement activities in Japanese companies have provided valuable insights for management practice. For example: Motivation for improvement is generated when both the left and the right hemisphere of the brain are engaged and stimulated. Discover the potential of 'kaizen with the right brain hemisphere' ... more about our online workshop

There is another prerequisite for successful lean practice: a culture of improvement in terms of behaviors that promote improvement. There are various approaches to communicating and embedding this. However, managers have a crucial role to play in all of them ... more about our online workshop

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